Republic of Taiwan 台灣共和國

Republic of Taiwan (台灣共和國) contains the following origins:

  • Republic of Taiwan (1895), also known as Republic of Formosa. During the Japanese aggression, the Han Chinese who lived in Taiwan tried to avoid being slaved by the Japanese by announcing the establishment of the republic, but the state existed for a very short time and was limited to small areas.
  • A fictional name for Taiwan proposed by independence movement of a few Taiwanese.
  • Republic of China 🇹🇼, the real and official country name of Taiwan island, Penghu islands, Kinmen islands and Matsu islands area.


  • 在日本侵略期間,住在台灣的漢人試圖透過宣布成立台灣共和國,避免被日本人奴隸,但這個國家存在的時間非常短暫,而且只限制於小型區域。
  • 一些台獨主義者試圖推動台灣獨立而使用的虛構名稱
  • 中華民國 🇹🇼,包含台灣島,澎湖群島,金門群島和馬祖群島地區在內的正式國家名稱。

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